This Wasn’t Supposed to Happen

Bad Behavior wasn’t a book I was planning to write. Beach wasn’t a character I saw as a hero. Proof positive, his name.

Back when I was writing Bad Attitude, I needed Gavin to fall off that bridge. I wanted him to have a damned good reason, so the eternal party boy friend Beach was created. I named him David, which is one of my favorite placeholder names. It’s solid, but with no particularly strong feelings for me. When I went to college, it seemed like every other guy was named David, or more commonly Dave. It fit into my head as a name that I could use for side characters because I never intended to use it for a hero. Beauchamp came along because it could be shortened to Beach, a party boy name if ever I heard one, and because I loved Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss, and “And if you don’t please, the Beauchamp bitch” is still one of my favorite written lines ever.

So David Beauchamp went off the bridge, almost drowned. Gavin saved him but Beach went into a medically induced coma. I didn’t know if he’d wake up until I needed him to get Gavin in trouble again. So he did more stupid things. He had a reason, he told me, but I think he just liked getting in trouble. Again, though I knew he was bisexual, I never planned to make him a hero.

And then he popped up for just a page or two in Bad Influence, starting more trouble. He wasn’t particularly heroic then, either. But he hugged the line between charming and smarmy so perfectly when he hit on Silver at the art gallery that I had to know more about him. In just that brief walk-on, he stole my heart and upset all my plans for what I’d be writing next.

So Bad Behavior was I guess the unplanned brain child. Huh, does that make Beach the father? That boy gets around.


This is all new to me, rafflecopter. So I beg your indulgence while I work this out. And come back tomorrow for another post!

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