Then Along Came Tai–Day 2

Once David Beauchamp had firmly set himself up as a candidate for his own story, he needed a hero for his HEA. He assured me he didn’t particularly have a type, he knew what he liked when he saw it, so my brain started interviewing candidates for him. I’d done a class disparity story with Gavin and Jamie so I didn’t want the conflict focused on that. I kept seeing a glimpse of Beach’s guy, but couldn’t pin him down. Then at the end of Bad Influence, Silver got probation and the first thought from Eli was “Ooo, I wonder if your probation officer will be hot.” The idea of that initial conflict latched on and wouldn’t let go. As Beach’s hero became connected with authority, I knew his moral code wouldn’t let him have sex with a client. Therefore, they’d have to meet first.

Tai still didn’t have a name, but I knew him, knew what he looked like, Tai inspiration and sounded like, Vin Diesel, especially in Pitch Black. I even knew his family history. He also came to me stubbornly attached to a dog and a female child who insisted on the name Sammie. I didn’t even have Tai’s name yet, but I had a daughter named Sammie. Characters are pig-headed that way. They don’t care that then I have to do all these work-arounds because of their commitments to animals/children who can’t be left alone forever while my character goes off to have fun sexy times on his way to falling in love.

At least Tai was alone the night he met Beach. And then things took yet another surprising turn in the book that wasn’t supposed to be written.

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