I’m With Stupid

To borrow a little from someone who knew how to bring it, it is a truth universally acknowledged that all writers are crazy. Actually, if you want to quote my wife, we’re “all fucken crazy” which is what she texted me after she heard her favorite author—no, not me—Diana Gabaldon speak.

I feel like I should save that heading and use it every time I have an example for it. (Done!)

I love funny print T-shirts. The more thinky the better. So when this came up in my tweet stream yesterday, I thought it would make an awesome T-shirt.

Kieran's tshirt

Then I immediately wanted to get it for Kieran. A fictional character. My fictional character in my WIP. See above, “all fucken crazy.” Because I kept insisting to myself that not only is it perfect for him, especially where he is—I am—we are—in the book, I think he would wear it. Well, maybe. He says no. I’m working on him. It really is perfect for him. *chases fictional character with non-existent T-shirt* What? So I’m crazy. But I like it here.

6 thoughts on “I’m With Stupid

  1. Now I’m left wondering what was that exactly that Ms Gabaldon said 😉 (and yes, this would make for a fantastic tshirt!)


    1. I’d had to work and couldn’t go. According to her, someone had asked whether a Lord John book or a Jamie and Claire book was up next and she said “It depends on which characters are the loudest.” Then I got the text. Just that bald statement. “You’re all fucken nuts.”


  2. “not only is it perfect for him, especially where he is—I am—we are—in the book,” *giggle*

    Authors. Having fun with the voices in your head and then spread it around 😉


  3. ;)! first hey at least the voices in your head are full blown characters lol
    love the shirt idea because its SO TRUE. an so maybe Kieran Says he won’t wear it but if he has at least One knows him to the core friend they would get it for him. just sayin;)


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