Quote Quiz September 18


Image courtesy of holohololand at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I’m going to give you a favorite line from a book (well, one of my favorite lines) and you tell me who said it and what book it’s from. If you need a refresher, they’re all on my website

Using random numbers, I’ll pick one correct entry to win a $5 US Amazon gift card.

For example, if the quote was “Reindeer bray,” the correct answer would be Fred in The Christmas Proposition.

Rules: You can enter up to three times. Comment here, tweet @ka_mitchell, and/or leave a Facebook comment (each entry needs containing the correct answer). I will notify the winner here on whatever media they won from. It’s up to you to contact me with your email address so I can get you your prize. The contest ends September 20, at 12:01 AM EST. I’m not responsible for anything resulting from your prize (so don’t set yourself on fire) and this is void where prohibited, no purchase necessary. Ready?

Who said this and in which book/novella/short story?

“Let’s get this clear. You and I both know the only one who hasn’t had his dick sucked in Webber Park is Darryl. So you can stop your gay-baiting shit right the hell now. Or do I have to prove something to you here?”

3 thoughts on “Quote Quiz September 18

  1. You guys were right. The winner was Lisa who entered on my Facebook. I hope to see you again this Friday. You can triple your chances entering three places, here, facebook and twitter. Thank you so much for reading and playing.


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