Teaser Tuesday, September 22

I’m back with a little more from my guys from the Ready or Knot series. Risk Everything on It will be available in January and it features Jax. As an actor in his thirties, Jax has to constantly watch his carb intake and it kills him. Here he’s being tortured by his friend Dane with a basket of bread. Check back next Tuesday for part two of their convo.

(I’m with Jax. That looks so good.)

The waitress brought over two plates and a bread basket. The smell, yeast, butter, garlic made Jax’s mouth water until it hurt.

Dane—evil fucker—grinned and dug into the basket, breaking apart a slice of the garlic bread so that even more fragrance drifted up Jax’s nose.

“Sadist.” Jax thrust out his jaw. “Funny, I never saw Spencer as a sub.”

Dane laughed. “You’re mixing up the letters in your acronym. A sadist would need a masochist, to hurt or not if he was really mean. But I hardly need one when I have you to torment.”

“I hate you.”

“And yet here we are.” Dane bit off a bit of bread and chewed. “If you really wanted to celebrate your theatrical achievement, you’d have called Theo. If you needed to be bailed out—literally or figuratively—you’d call Gideon. But you called me. Which means you want the truth, even if you might not like it.”

Image source: http://www.theharvestkitchen.com/italian-garlic-bread/ Her recipe looks awesome!

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