Accidental Serial: It’s not the same as spilling hot oatmeal on you lap like I already did this morning

The idea for Getting Him Back (which has a shiny new cover from Carina as a result of the accidental serialization I’m talking about) was one of those random plot bunnies. It hopped in while I was driving to a seasonal job, listening to Steve Grand in the car. The next morning, it had teeth and it wasn’t hopping anywhere.

It felt like something light and novella length and I felt Carina would be an awesome home for it so I sent off a proposal (with a synopsis that proved to be about as accurate as a thirteenth century map of the world). The characters, though, were even more fun than that bunny had promised. I loved Ethan and fell for Wyatt just like he did. As I got near the ending, my critique group said, “Are you writing another novella with them? You’ve got potential for a series here.”

“A series? You mean like about their friends?”

“Duh, about them.”

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My crit group pulls no punches, which is why they are awesome.

But I’d never written a series continuing with the same characters. How did you do that unless there were external plot problems to be solved? But they saw my weakness. Wyatt.

“You could do that one all from Wyatt’s point of view.”

I looked at my packed tight plans and schedules for books to be written and proposed and released.

“You could do it in a couple weeks,” they enabled assured ┬áme.

When the fabulous Angela James (my editor at Carina) read Getting Him Back, she suggested a second book too.

Again, I launched into the story completely intending to wrap up everything with a shiny bow at the end.

Angela and critique, “Is there more?”

Well, yeah, there is. They’re happy for now, but they’re also nineteen. They have issues. So my one little bunny has done what bunnies often do if you let them. Here’s hoping we all get a nice bow after Ethan and Wyatt┬átell me what happens during their summer sublet, but I’m not holding my breath. Or apparently holding my oatmeal bowl correctly.





Bad Behavior Birthday

I am so excited to finally be able to share this book with everyone. I loved the story and I love the characters.

I loved being able to hang out with all my old friends–er, characters–in Baltimore.

I’ll be hanging around all day so feel free to comment or ask about the book or anything writing related. I know Beach and Tai would both love to give you a piece of their minds.

Tomorrow I’ll put up a little piece from the Baltimore book I’ll be working on next–as soon as I get Kieran and Theo to a happily ever after.