Teaser Tuesday

For anyone who enjoyed Put a Ring on It and is hungry for more with the guys, here’s a snippet from Risk Everything on It, Jax’s story. There’s also Dane and Spencer and Hannah, the doll Jax’s agent overnighted to him.

Jax had gone to bed that night and woken up still wrapped in that smell. Not just sex, but sex with him. A rich decadence that didn’t mean an extra four hours in the gym if he indulged in it. And man, he’d indulged in it, including an excellent round with his hand as he relived the memory that came with that scent. It wasn’t until he had to get up and sign for the FedEx box that he remembered he had other things to do than smell like sex all day.

Not that he’d had any kind of success with the damned doll. He tried to wrangle it into a natural feeling prop, but no matter how he held it, interacted with it, the performance was wooden. He even gave it a name. Hannah.

“Real babies’ arms cannot possibly be this stiff and hard to put sleeves on.”

“I’m guessing they can actually hold their arms fairly stiffly.” Dane said.

“What are you doing to it now?” Spencer appeared behind them and gently lifted the doll off the dining room table.

Jax stared at him. Overlong pale blond hair, tanned skin, hipster chic scarf over his T-shirt, Dane’s long-time boyfriend didn’t look anything like the suburban dad Jax would be auditioning for, but somehow the baby looked natural tucked in Spencer’s solid muscled arm.

Rolling in Plot Bunnies (Part 1)

bunny stampeded

I don’t know what’s in the water but I like it!

I like it

Sheryl on twitter (Hi, Sheryl!) asked if I’d offer an update on things, and I thought that would be fun. I’ve got a few things cooking so I’ll give you some general info first.

Baltimore: I’ve been working on a novella about several of the Baltimore couples taking the next step in their relationships. I hope to get that to you some time this year. Sneak peek to follow next week. (Say that five times fast.)

I also have two Baltimore books planned. One has some early chapters and everything.

I also want to write a short for Marco where he finally loses his virginity. I have a pretty good idea for that, I think.

New series:

So, I’m not dead-sure positive of a release date, but the first book in a new series about four friends from college and how marriage equality shakes things up for them is scheduled for September 9. I’ve called the series Ready or Knot and the first book is Put a Ring on It.

This is a scene I wrote while I was getting to know the four core characters. I don’t think it will make it into any of the books, so I’m considering it a Director’s Cut. Some minor details, such as Gideon growing up in the Bronx changed as I wrote, but who they are didn’t. I hope you like a little peek at them.

Thirteen years ago

Every motion of Gideon’s head sent the room spinning until his stomach lurched.

For the first time in Gideon’s twenty-one and a half years, he was legally drunk. In fact, he’d only been illegally drunk once before, after the thing that being drunk had almost been enough to get out of his brain. He hated losing control, even to some random molecule in his bloodstream. Which he supposed was why he’d never before been subjected to the idiocy of games invented for the purpose of getting drunk.

But something about their university graduation had buried his friends under an avalanche of nostalgia, so they were gathered in Theo’s room playing something called Never Have I Ever, which sounded like the start of a logic puzzle on the LSATs but was actually painfully easy to follow. If they’d all been like that, Gideon would have managed a perfect 180 instead of a 174.

“Never have I ever had sex with a virgin,” Theo announced.

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