Songs In My Head–Beach and Tai–Day 7

(This was supposed to happen yesterday, but if you go look at my tweet stream, we had a minor medical emergency at the homestead.)

We writers do like our playlists. I know a book is ready to be written when I start putting together a playlist, when I hear a song and think OMG that is so him/them!. For the most part, I listen to the play list in the car or shower. Sometimes, I have a special playlist for a particular scene. I guess may be different for me is that I rarely listen to my playlist when I’m putting the words on the paper. I mostly listen to them in the car or shower. (Thank the writing gods for voice memos and aquanotes). For writing, I like ambient sounds, like rain or even typewriter clicks. I used to write to music, but maybe my brain is too old now to multitask words. Sometimes I’ll still haul out something that is pure feels, something I know so well I don’t hear the words anymore and play that to get the feels down on the paper.

One of my favorite things about songs and stories is when other people say “Hey, this song reminded me of your character/book.” It’s such a cool way to learn how other people see the characters and the story. The Lera Lynn version of TV on the Radio’s “Wolf Like Me” that was such an awesome addition to Bad Behavior’s playlist was actually recommended by a critique partner early on. It was a great fit for thinking while driving.

So anyway, this giveaway is a $10 itunes or Amazon gift card so you can get some music of your own. And feel free to leave a comment here about music that inspires you. I’m always looking for the next perfect song.

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